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Dear Prospective Member:

State dues are $120.00 per year. If you wish to join a local chapter (Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton or Toledo), $40.00 of your dues will be sent to the local chapter.

We also offer memberships for law students for $25 per year, paraprofessionals (paralegals) for $50.00 per year and Government, Non-profit, Public interest and New lawyers, for $75.00 per year. A New lawyer is a lawyer who has practiced for five years or less.

Please print out the form below, complete it and return it with your check made payable to "Ohio Employment Lawyers Association." Make sure you identify that at least 70% of your employment related litigation is on behalf of employees. If you have an E-mail address or a website listing, please provide it to us. It is also recommended that you become a member or maintain membership in the National Employment Lawyers Association ("NELA"). You can visit their web site at

Thank you for your support.

Please forward payments to:

Sheila Smith
Ohio Employment Lawyers Association
3345 Legendary Trails Drive
Cincinnati,Ohio 45245

Questions? Please call Sheila at (513) 218‐2569 or email her at

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