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Robert Steinberg

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Bob Steinberg is an experienced former federal magistrate judge and federal prosecutor who has engaged in complex litigation throughout the country as a private practitioner for the last 22 years.

He has conducted hundreds of professional mediations as a judge and as a private attorney. He established a record of resolving legal disputes with extraordinary efficiency. He is also an experienced Arbitrator on a variety of disputes.

As a mediator, he is able to bridge the gap between the parties by creating imaginative and satisfying solutions, eliminating the risk of losing the case and the anxiety and business interruption associated with ongoing litigation.

As an expert witness in attorney fee disputes, Mr. Steinberg has a wealth of experience in both setting attorneys fees as a judge in the federal court and in testifying as an expert in support of, or challenging, attorney fee applications in state and federal court.

As a trial attorney, Mr. Steinberg focused on cases involving employment disputes, personal injuries, product defects, major torts including sexual abuse, antitrust law and shareholder actions. He has been trial counsel in over 200 civil trials and appeals.

Mr. Steinberg was Chair of the Federal Courts Practice Committee of the Ohio State Bar Association for 2015-2017.