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Sales Tax on Legal Services Hurts Ohio Employees and the Employment Dispute Resolution Process
The Ohio Employment Lawyers Association opposes the proposed tax on legal services contained in Ohio House Bill 59. In opposing HB 59, OELA joins other bar associations throughout Ohio that have already stated their opposition. Bar associations such as th ...

Ohio Senator Coley Introduces Bill to protect Sexual Predators
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Senator Bill Coley (R-Middletown) introduced SB 383 today, a bill that protects sexual predators in the workplace. This proposal would grant immunity to managers and supervisors who harass and intentionally discriminate against employees ...

Another Attack on Ohio Workers: Draft Bill Seeks to Gut Ohio’s Laws Prohibiting Sex, Age, Race, Disability and Other Forms of Discrimination by Eliminating Protections for Most Ohio Workers
An Analysis of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s Draft Senate Bill (Lsc 129 1782 – 1) by the Ohio Employment Lawyers Association SUMMARY OF SOME KEY PROVISIONS The draft bill to amend Ohio’s anti-discrimination laws is a transparent and cynical attempt ...

OELA Opposes Ohio Chamber Legislation Gutting Civil Rights Protections
The Ohio Chamber of Commerce is once again planning to introduce legislation that would gut Ohio’s anti-discrimination laws and make it one of the least protective states in the Union. The Chamber appears to be intent on effectively repealing Ohio’s m ...

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