Ohio Senator Coley Introduces Bill to protect Sexual Predators

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Senator Bill Coley (R-Middletown) introduced SB 383 today, a bill that protects sexual predators in the workplace. This proposal would grant immunity to managers and supervisors who harass and intentionally discriminate against employees based on sex, disability, age, race, religion, military status or national origin. Sexual harassers will be “off the hook” from personal liability.

“I’m saddened that Senator Coley would introduce legislation that discriminates against women, the disabled, minorities, veterans, the elderly and all others who are employed in the state of Ohio” said Fred Gittes, Legislative Counsel for the Ohio Employment Lawyers Association. “We should be looking for ways to improve the working environment in Ohio to keep qualified employees here rather than eliminating protections and allowing hostility and racism in the workplace.”

“We oppose the bill because it makes it cheap for employers to discriminate against employees by placing severe limits on what an employee can recover for intentional discrimination,” Gittes added.

SB 383 is similar to HB 300 introduced in the 125th General Assembly. That bill received two hearings before the Republican-controlled House shelved it. This bill should also be rejected, because Ohio should hold individuals and employers who discriminate against or harass Ohio workers fully responsible for their illegal conduct. Ohio workers who suffer discrimination should have access to full and equal remedies under state law.

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